Basic Contract

Miss Becky’s Suzuki Violin Studio


Winter/Spring 2017 (January-May) Semester Contract


Please feel free to contact me at any time. My cell phone number is 080-9540-5968 and my email address is



Responsible Party:_______________________________________________________

Lesson Time and Day:____________________________________________________

Total Semester Tuition:____________


Tuition Policy:

Tuition is broken down into monthly fees, due on the first lesson day of each month. For 30 minute lessons, the fee is $100 per month. 45 minute lessons for advanced students or adults attending group are $120 per month. Instrument rental is $15 per month. If this tuition fee is not paid within 10 days of coming due, there is a $20 late fee due with your tuition.

Tuition includes four weekly 30/45 minute private lessons per month, four weekly 45 minute group lessons per month, any extra activities, most supplies, and the semester recital.


Cancellation/Emergency Policy:

If you cancel or miss a lesson, for any reason, even if you tell me in advance or there was an emergency, your tuition is not prorated. You are responsible for the entire tuition paid on time regardless of how many private or group lessons you attend. If I cancel lessons, I will prorate your tuition in the following month accordingly.

Should you for some reason decide to stop attending lessons I require that notice be provided four weeks in advance. There is no severance fee if you provide this notification. If you discontinue lessons without providing this cancellation notice, the severance fee is 50% of your monthly tuition fee ($____).

In cases of emergency where you will need to take more than 4 weeks off from lessons but plan to return, there is a fee of 30% of the monthly tuition ($_____). If you do not pay this fee you will be unable to return to lessons until the beginning of the next semester. Prorating monthly tuition for personal and financial emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

I reserve the right to discontinue lessons at any time for any reason including, but not limited to: continuous failure to pay tuition in a timely manner and/or regular absences or tardiness from scheduled lessons.


Make-up Lesson Policy:

I do understand that life sometimes gets in the way of our other plans, so I offer make-up lessons on Wednesday afternoons. If you have to miss your regularly scheduled lesson, please contact me on Facebook, call me on my cell phone (080-9540-5968), or email me ( at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson and we will arrange a make-up lesson.
I understand that kids get sick and life happens; one lesson per month can be moved to a make-up lesson without any penalty as long as I receive a phone call at least 1 hour before your lesson was scheduled to arrange this. Same-day cancellations after this first incident and all no-call/no-show incidents are not eligible for free make-up lessons. If you desire a make-up lesson or extra lesson and have already used your free make-up, there is a $15 charge and I may not have childcare available for my children.


Studio Expectations:

  1. Parents are required to attend private lessons for students under 13 years old. It is best if it is the same parent every week. Parental attendance is highly encouraged for all students.  


  1. Please silence and do not use electronic devices during lessons so your attention can be on your student.


  1. The musical CD’s of the compositions we study which should be heard daily.


  1. Practice should occur every day you do not have a lesson (5 days each week). For younger students and beginners, parents should remember that quality is more important than quantity. Please communicate with me so we can help you and your child develop good practicing skills.


  1. I ask that you refrain from correcting or admonishing your children during lessons and keep interruptions to a minimum. Siblings are welcome as long as they are reasonably quiet and well-behaved. They may use the provided toys or our backyard. If they are repeatedly disruptive you may be asked to make other arrangements.


  1. Take good care of your instrument, whether you own it or not.
    1. Don’t leave your violin in the car for more than 15 minutes in any kind of weather. If you would not leave a small child in the car, do not leave your instrument.
    2. Never set your violin or bow down outside of the case and walk away.
    3. Rosin your bow regularly, don’t touch the bow hair, and keep your violin clean and dry.
    4. Fingernails should be kept short and hands clean.


  1. Group lessons are extremely beneficial to the growth of musicians. All students are expected to attend group lessons. However, parents are not required to attend group as long as they retrieve their student in a timely manner.
  2. Attend the recitals well-prepared and in appropriate attire. Prepare for and perform in a short private recital as a part of the graduation process from Book to Book.


Please initial and date each contract page in addition to signing here.

Please give Ms Becky this signature sheet for her records and keep the others for yours.


I, the undersigned, understand the terms set forth in this contract and will abide by all conditions.






Review Plan 1:


For students who have learned Perpetual Motion.


Every day play all the pieces on your practice sheet, plus a rotation of A & B below.


Twinkle Var. A, B, & C

Lightly Row

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Twinkle Var. D, E, & Theme

Song of the Wind

O Come Little Children

Add these pieces after Minuet 1:
Long Long Ago

Perpetual Motion



May Song



Review Plan 2:

For students who know all of Book 1.


Every day play all the pieces on your practice sheet, plus a rotation of A, B, & C below.

1 Twinkle Variation

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Long Long Ago


Lightly Row

O Come Little Children



Song of the Wind

May Song

Perpetual Motion


Add these after Bourree
Minuet 3

Happy Farmer

Chorus from Judas Macc.

Minuet 2

Gossec Gavotte


Minuet 1

Gossec Gavotte

Hunter’s Chorus

All of Book 2

The Two Grenadiers

Long Long Ago- Book 2

Witches Dance

Brahms Waltz

The Two Grenadiers


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